Update May 2, 2020


    • Continuing the Neil Gaiman Masterclass
    • Chapter 18 done
    • Hit a wall at CH19 in editing. But the Neil G class gave me a challenge and ideas. *fingers crossed* to fix the issue. (It was also a craptastic week, and my brain froze up. So....)
    • Making last pass for sentence and sentence length variety - done through Ch 3 (much less brain demanding.)
    • worked on Aurora - almost ready with the final bit (D&D 5E updated sheets). Hope to re-submit SOON! (this was my sanity project) - update 5/2 - turned theme in to Dimi.
    • Listening to more Japanese in dramas and vlogs is really helping. (Not saying I’m progressing fast, but I can pick out more words and not have to translate them in my head.)
Did not get done - much editing, finish overhaul of VFTD and LC.
    • More editing! (I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.)
    • Finish overhaul of View from the Den
    • Work on overhauling the front page of Liminal Chronicles
    • plan for the new ferret addition to our household (I am on the waiting list! Hubs has it easy for my Mother's Day present.)

    • submit to Kyanite? (I have until 5/31) (I know, I know. I flip-flop. Originally I wanted my book published before 2021 because I was going back to Japan. Now with the Olympics that year, I won’t go then. So I’m not as antsy.)



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