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Jacob Billings | Member Since 18 May, 2019
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Rynall Ewelle


Hi all! I'm Jacob, a writer from the United States aspiring to write while juggling the complexities of school. I've got as many projects as ideas, though I hope to develop a world where everything lives and write to the ends of the worlds.   If you'd like to contact me, the easiest place is through Discord. My name is BrokenJac#8412.

Favorite Movies

A Silent Voice. Wonderful writing and masterful story. Check it out

Favorite TV Series

The Umbrella Academy. It’s interesting, at the least

Favorite Books

Stormlight Archive

Favorite Writers

Brandon Sanderson

Favorite Games

Risk and monopoly; I like the strategies

Latest Loved work

The Janitor

Torn-Edges of Spiral Bound Paper



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