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@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
16 Feb, 2019 01:08

Thank you for the like :D!


I have a dissociative disorder and mild amnesia. So if I'm 'acting strange', forget you, forget something we talked about, or generally seem spacey, that's why. I'll remember eventually(hopefully), so please be patent with me.   Hero's users: if I comment on your post as a character and you'd rather keep it in world, let me know and link me to the post, and I'll delete it right away.

Interests & Hobbies

World building, Research, Organizing, 3D printing, VR, Strategy RPGs, Games with airplane/spaceship dog fights, Art, Stories. Space, Biology, and Technology. To name a few ;p

Favorite Movies

Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, Labyrinth, Mirror Mask, Snatch

Favorite Games

Star fox, Disgaea (the whole series, phantom brave is good too, any NIS strategy rpg really), Solitaire, Anything with fun dogfight mechanics or space travel, Minecraft

Latest Loved work

Lady Illandria

Emotional Distancing Potion

The Manana Gala

WA Summer Camp Party Invite

Music of Wanted Hero

Moleman Co.

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Follow You Down: Drowned

By lengna

194 0 1 275

A Comic set in JauVon. The bugwar has just ended and the Vondren Government turns its attentions to something else. A strange project involving a relatively unknown ex-pirate doctor who's skill matches his ego, and most well known and powerful rover corporation.

Is that a Rocket in your Pocket?

By lengna

51 4 0 5484

Starting as a play by post rp and periodically converted to prose, 'Is that A rocket in your Pocket' is a meandering ramble. The Story follows Ora and Ron as they bumble their way into a relationship, and all the people they drag into the mix. An ongoing...

These Days: Dazani

By lengna

53 1 0 4946

Dazani thought her biggest worry was whether she made her teacher upset, unfortunately she couldn't be more wrong as she gets caught up in the interplanetary politics of Jaumun and Vondren. While acting as a translator between her mother's people and the Vondren...












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