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Dark Shadows is a role-playing setting in the world of Dunia the Celenia. It is a non-traditional, dark-fantasy setting with unique species and rich lore. Dark Shadows uses the CD10 RPG system and focuses on narrative over complexity and crunch.   Dark Shadows is low magic, feudal dark fantasy, heavily steeped in folklore.
Dark Shadows is a narratively focused roleplaying game set in the world of Dunia, in the TTRPG Universe of Celenia.

A major wrench has been thrown in the political squabbles between nations on the continent of Arjin. With the discovery a new, unexplored continent, Celenia, nations are rushing to colonise the new lands and claims its resources for themselves.   Old conflicts are left festering in the homelands as the lords and ladies of the world gaze towards a new horizon, leaving their people to toil in the dust. The old rivalries bubble under the surface and with the rise of a new ruler of the grand Empire of Kfandr, war has never looked as likely as now.   Celenia, however, is not what it seems to be. The land carries dark scars of a terrible history, and with the greedy lords uncovering the overgrown ruins of Celenia, Dark Shadows have begun to spread...
July Announcement
Announcement: 28 July 2020

I said in the last update that the focus was going to be on fixing bugs in CD10. HAH. I guess ADHD happened because I've done very little work on CD10. Instead, my work this month has been all over the place.   Focus
I'm going to try (no promises) to have a more focused August, but right now I don't have a strict list of what I want to have done in August. It'll likely be finishing up porting and updating the advanced combat modules for CD10 so that Game Masters+ can use them for their games.   Skills and Traits
The basic concept of skills and traits is a core feature, naturally, but I currently have "advanced" modules for skills and traits and I don't feel that it really gels well with the idea of CD10. The whole point of the free-form skill-based and traits-based progression system is the plethora of options you have available to you during character creation and subsequent progression. Locking that feature behind a paywall doesn't quite sit entirely right with me, and there really is no easy and convenient way to split it up into a "core" set of skills/traits and an "advanced" set. Instead, I believe I'm simply going to make all skills and traits publically available in Core. They're publically available in the Blocks system on Worldanvil anyway, so arbitrarily locking "easy access" to them seems counterproductive. Specific traits (such as magic, psionics, cybernetics etc) will be behind their respective modules still, but I believe the entire "core" set should be anything not settings-specific. Let me know what you think.   Massive Overhaul
I've been annoyed for a long time about the lacking quality of pretty much every Dark Shadows article, and the code quality of the BBCode in everything, including Cinders. So what I'll be doing is go through my entire article collection, marking every single one as "WIP" and start a project to go through every article, update the texts, rewrite sections and clean up the BBCode. I'll only unmark a WIP once it's been updated to the new standard. I don't expect this overhaul to be done anytime soon, but it WILL let me update and play with CSS more and should result in better formatting on the articles, as well update poorly written older articles to my newer standards. Expect to see a few articles updated every week or so, mostly from Dark Shadows. So if you like Dark Shadows, this is going to be your moment.   Conclusion
In closing, I just want to say a big WELCOME to the new patrons who joined during July. I highly appreciate your support, and your money will be reinvested into the production of CD10 and it's accompaning settings. If you have any issues accessing content you believe you should have access to, don't hesitate to contact me via my email or on the Discord. And if you haven't already joined the Discord, please do! We have a lovely community growing there!
Celenia now has a unified place to access all the things with the url: www.celenia.se. It leads to the primary setting of Cinders of the Cataclysm, but the navbar can take you anywhere within the Celenia universe!   As always, I'll be livestreaming large parts of my efforts and if you haven't yet, drop by the streams (link below) and spend time with wonderful people in chat and have your questions about worldbuilding, game development, conlangs or roleplaying answered!  
Patreon and Social Media
You can support Celenia on Patreon and get access to all the behind-the-scenes content available, get unique discord ranks and much more! Remember that CD10 Core is free to use, but that pledging on patreon gives you access to the advanced modules as well!   You can follow Celenia on Twitter, join the official Beyond Reality Discord server as well as me on Twitch.tv where I share the worldbuilding and RPG-designing openly with you all every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM UTC.
Dark Shadows is a low magic, feudal dark fantasy world where three major species, collectively called the Kykr, form the dominating civilization on the continent of Arjin. The three species do not live separate from one another, but collectively they've spread to several countries, cultures and religions. They find comfort in their faith and nationality over racial boundaries.
For a quick and dirty guide to the world of Dunia and the Dark Shadows setting, head over to the crash Course.

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Celenia: Dark Shadows uses the Celenia D10 RPG System and is in development.
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