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3AM Discoveries in Scrivener for iOS – Compiling Options for Making Text and Folder Titles show in the Document

This should have been me!

When I can’t sleep, I either listen to a story, a thunderstorm track or work on something for about 20 minutes so drowsiness can overtake me and I return to slumber land.

Friday morning was one of those times. I’ve been compiling my book on my iPad and listening to sections of it in Voice Dream Reader to iron out wrinkles. It really helps to listen to it. (By the way, the Ivona Amy and Russel voices are pretty smooth and not too far off from sounding realistic.)

Since I put my chapter title in the folder or text title, it wasn’t showing up with the default options for compile in Scrivener. I need those titles to help navigate the document. After some Google-fu, I found the answer to my problem. You can create your own template or edit one of the existing ones. The best thing about it – I could figure it out while sleep deprived. So I guarantee it wasn’t hard to do!

I ended up modifying (uncommenting) a few lines in one of the default compile documents. You just remove the # in front of the line you want to uncomment the line.

Now you too can go forth and edit your Scrivener iOS compile templates with confidence!

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Finding satisfaction in doing your best

Jumbled Letters - How editing feels
Jumbled Letters – How editing feels until it’s done

I’ve often read about authors fussing about having to do editing. While I’m no saint, I’m finding real pleasure in editing Rise’s rough draft. Seeing the improvement from one version to the next makes me excited to know I’ll be able to show the story to beta readers soon.

All of that to say, I hope my babbling brings you encouragement. Go give it your best! Make what you do worthwhile.

— Amy