Summer Writing Challenges

Sometimes we just need an accountability kick in the rear to make sure we’re working toward our goals. So, I joined several challenges this summer.

100 Words for 100 Days over at Go Teen Writers. They allowed everyone to sign up, even those of us beyond our teen years. I love a site that encourages teens to be creative, so this was a for sure to do! Now 100 words in a day isn’t that much.Even with editing my first book Rise, it’s totally doable. And in the end you get 10,000 words of progress toward a project. It started May 20, and so far I’ve written 13,554 words toward my second book. Not bad for dealing with my eldest’s high school graduation, company, flooding in the basement, editing, and falling into the delightful world building time vacuum World Anvil.

Next Writer’s HQ is hosting Couch to 5K. It’s a very open ended challenge. I opted for 5,000 words the month of the challenge, a good push to write a bit more than the first challenge. They send encouraging and snarky advice and daily challenges. For the daily challenges I started strong, then fizzled–wanting to use my time to focus on my two stories. So far this month I’ve netted 9,151 words on my second book (included in the number for the first challenge).

But what about editing Rise? Well, Camp Nanowrimo will start July 1. I’ll try for 40 hours or the completion of the editing. *crossing fingers* Since my kids always get camp shirts, I ordered one too. It arrived today! Sweet!

Now this post isn’t a ‘look at me aren’t I wonderful’ post, because I am not getting it ALL done. I write it to encourage you to try. Any progress toward your writing goal is PROGRESS! Count it!

Are you challenging yourself this summer? If so, how?

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