World Anvil Summer Camp 2019

True confessions: I’m a glutton for punishment. I signed up for yet another challenge.

World Anvil’s Summer Camp Prompts (<- click for details)

Friends on Discord introduced me to World Anvil. OMG! I love this as a world building tool for stories. Yes, it takes some time to fill out. Possibly time I could be writing or editing on my stories. But when I think of the zillions of little details that I have to hash through my story to remind myself ‘how did this work’ or ‘what was his name’, wow – this will be a lifesaver. Yeah, I can keep much of it in Scrivener. But World Anvil forces me to keep it fairly organized. (If you saw my mess of notes in Scrivener, you’d cringe.) Timelines, characters, races, places–it can all be stored there and made public or private. It makes the world in my story a little more real for me.

So World Anvil Summer Camp makes sense for me. Will I get all 30 articles done? Not likely. Editing my book comes first, then writing the next. But I think it’s possible I could get 10 done this month–helping me solidify things like the magic system. (It’s a little hazy and needs definition as I edit the first book.) And I today for the first camp challenge wrote about one of the medicinal plants in my setting today, because my awesome possum critique partner had questions about it.

So if you’d like to check out the public side of my Liminal Chronicles, feel free. World Anvil will definitely remain as part of my author platform!

Have you played with World Anvil? If so, what did you think?

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