Containers, Sections, and CSS (oh my!) on World Anvil

Recently, I was asked to start an article series for World Anvil (WA) on customizing the look of your world using the containers and sections feature. If you haven’t heard of World Anvil yet, here’s a quick lowdown. It’s a worldbuilding site that’s great for authors and storytellers (who want to flesh out their world for a book) and as a campaign manager for role playing games (RPGs).

The containers feature is for WA guild members who are Guildmaster or higher. If you’re unsure of the terminology, containers and sections are a powerful way to add some fun to your world. You can use them as boxes, decorations, floating menus and all sort of other eye-catching effects.

The first post, encouraging newbies to try tinkering with CSS, went live. It’s suitable for all guild members.

If you haven’t tried customizing your world yet, why not give the post a read?

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