11/07/2019 News and Updates

I've been wanting to start a blog of sorts here on WA. Yes, yes. I already have a blog for my author stuff. The problem is my dislike for Wordpress. My brain just turns off when I go to write something. (A personal problem, I know.) What is it about WA that the words flow better?  


Today I was made an editor on the World Anvil Codex. Sounds easy until you hit that edit button. THEN the panic hits, because everyone will be reading it! LOL. But I survived adding two lines for the [tooltip] BBcode.   Also, I'm gearing up for subscriptions for my other worlds. (1 sub = access to all worlds at this point to keep it simple) Most things will be free. On the Hacks and Help side, everything will be free in time. Subscriptions will be for early access. As for Liminal Chronicles: stories, secrets, behind the scenes tidbits will be for subscribers.   Wish me luck! I'm off to record audio for a short story!


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