About Amy

Amy released her debut novel Rise (a modern mythological urban fantasy set in Japan) on April 30, 2021. Currently she's working on the sequel, and she finds there are way too many ideas to put each on paper.

She founded the Anvilite Streamers Corps and streams several times a week on Twitch. Her schedule can be found here. She started the vssCollab Twitter based flash fiction challenge and corresponding 'In Threads' zine. Additionally, she writes tutorials and tips for WA customization at Hacks and Help and contributes to the World Anvil Blog.

Amy was also an organizer for the first WritersCONduit, a grassroots online writers conference. In 2021 she wrangled the calendar, helped with the website, and presented as a panelist and streamed in several panels ranging from beta editors and critique partners to mythology and folklore.

She is a stay-at-home mom and has had many fun adventures including being a programmer on the Landsat 7 team, coaching for First Lego League, and developing lessons for and teaching Lego robotics and programming to kids.

Her interests include Japan, foxes, music (everything from movie scores, to EDM, to folk metal), teaching nalbinding (an ancient yarn craft – think Viking age and older), and both tea and coffee.

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Noteworthy Stories and World Building

Case of the Missing Dragon of Nonogawa
Myth | Jan 11, 2022

When charred encoded pages mysteriously appear, do the characters really want to know what they contain?

Liminal Chronicles - Side Story   Winner of World Anvil’s World Ember 2019 Myth Category This is the Cold Case contest entry I didn’t get to write in October. I had a blast with the formatting of the letter and CSS for the burn holes.
Prose | Sep 28, 2021

In a desperate attempt to find a new home for an orphaned species, a heroic crew takes a gamble on an isolated blue-green orb.

Sci-Fi - short story   Featured in the Kyanite Publishing 'Healing Words' project. (Unfortunately, Kyanite Publishing closed December 31st, 2020.)

This story also won 4th place in the Untold Podcast UPC Contest and they created an audio version.


Mythological Fantasy - short story   Featured in the Kyanite Publishing 'The Sun Always Shines Anthology'. (Unfortunately, Kyanite Publishing closed December 31st, 2020.)

Panels and Presentations

Yakuza: Facts and Fallout
presentation for Anime Central online May 22, 2021
Fairytales/Folklore in Writing
panel lead for WritersCONduit online June 26, 2021
Mythology in Writing
panelist for WritersCONduit online June 26, 2021
Streamlabs How-To
panelist for WritersCONduit online June 27, 2021
Beta Readers
panelist for WritersCONduit online June 27, 2021


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