About Amy

Amy Winters-Voss, also known as Shyredfox, is the author of the urban fantasy novel Rise: The Liminal Chronicles. She adores Japan and textile arts.   Other projects she's involved in include:
  • Founded the Anvilite Streamers Corps (a writers, worldbuilders, artists, and TTRPGers Twitch streaming network for fans of World Anvil) and streams several times a week.
  • Runs the vssCollab Twitter based flash fiction challenge and corresponding In Threads zine
  • Writes the Kreative Kaiju zine. It takes a whimsical look at the monsters that keep creatives from being their best. If we can remove the fangs from something, we can conquer it.

  •   Amy was also an organizer for the first WritersCONduit, a grassroots online writers conference. In 2021 she wrangled the calendar, helped with the website, and presented as a panelist and streamed in several panels ranging from beta editors and critique partners to mythology and folklore.

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    Stories are like air—we can not do without them.

    Stories from the world of Liminal Chronicles

    Rise: The Liminal Chronicles (Sample)

    4 chapter sample   An ex-mobster must choose between breaking a promise to his parole officer, which will send him back to the slammer, or angering a powerful supernatural being. Faced with an impossible decision, how will he forge a path to redemption? Umeji Tatsuya moves from Tokyo to a small town after leaving the yakuza, the Japanese mob. He knows all too well that his past can’t stay buried.   ‘Once Yakuza, always Yakuza. The tattoos mark you for life.’   Umeji’s second chance is only the first step of his journey to discover myth, magic, social redemption, and found family.

    The Bard's Magic

    The short story behind my popular bard article, Usami No Genmaru

      Usami, a shakuhachi flute player, strives to be a renown master. But he lacks one thing in his playing. While traveling to play for a once in a lifetime audience in Kyoto, he's accosted by a dangerous yokai.   Will he survive to complete his mission and gain the special edge for his music?

    Panels and Presentations

    Yakuza: Facts and Fallout
    presentation for Anime Central online May 22, 2021
    Fairytales/Folklore in Writing
    panel lead for WritersCONduit online June 26, 2021
    Mythology in Writing
    panelist for WritersCONduit online June 26, 2021
    Beta Readers
    panelist for WritersCONduit online June 27, 2021
    Panelist WritersCONduit June 2022
    Social Media Presence and Interaction
    Panelist for Writers Conduit with Melodyrelody June, 2022 (Twitch Highlight)
    Press/Media Kits for Books and Authors
    Panelist for Writers Conduit with Phantascene June, 2022 (Twitch Highlight)
    Guest on Plotting and Outlining Write In
    with Janet Forbes World Anvil, Oct 7, 2022



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