STATE OF THE FOX - APRIL 26-May2, 2021

Rise News

Rise is in the wild, and people are reading it! It's kind of hard to wrap my head around it. Though, my son keeps saying things like "Happy 3rd day of being a published author."   The release party on Twitch was a blast. Thank you to all who attended! So many people sharing the moment with me made it super special. I'll be shipping and emailing prizes tomorrow (Monday).   I also need to show you all something. You all did this! It was such a special gift to wake up on May 1 and see Rise be a #1 hot new release! You all are wonderful! Thank you!

  I'm hoping to finish getting my ShyRedFox Publishing Store going this week. I wanted it functional last week, but that just didn't happen. Lol. I'll get there. One thing at a time.   The last big book thing for Rise that I do will be to mail a copy of the paperback to the Library of Congress. (o.0) Doesn't that sound wild too? But that's a big step toward getting my book in Libraries!    


Monday, May 3
(1 PM CDT) Write in stream. (I expect to continue the exploration writing on a scene I think I'll put in Guardian.)
Wednesday, May 5
(1 PM CDT) Write in stream.
Saturday, May 8
(9:30 am) Craft and Chat.
Monday, May 10
(1 PM CDT) Write in stream.
Wednesday, May 12
(1 PM CDT) Write in + Street Team Challenge #6, End of Street Team Challenge Award, and Book Blog Tour Winners


Articles Completed

I want to tweak RPG sheets to make the 'Madlibs' style game sheets fillable on online. Sorry I didn't have the time to figure that out before release day! Hopefully, some day.



We planted a tiny garden today.
  • a few cherry tomato plants, habanero and jalapeno peppers
  • a sweet onion that tried to grow in my fridge
  • herbs - cilantro (for my daughter who loves it), thyme, and dill
  • My little asparagus patch was growing like crazy and I picked some to stir-fry.   My favorite part of spring has arrived. The apple trees are in bloom. And they smell heavenly! I wish I could bottle the smell for you all!


    Upcoming Plans

    Not many author tasks this week! I'll be cleaning the house for my parents' arrival this coming weekend. AYEEEE! Lots of cleaning to do as I transform the 'pandemic functional' house to 'visitors have a place to sit' house. Wish me luck!   How has your week gone?

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