STATE OF THE FOX - April 12-18, 2021

Rise News

T-11 days until Rise releases!   Rise has a number for Library of Congress submission and ads are running for Rise on Amazon and Facebook.   I've started trying to do VSS365 daily again, related to Liminal Chronicles of course! If you're not familiar with VSS365, it's a Twitter tweet length 'very short story' game that you post. Fun and easy to join in. I need this bit of creativity. Feel free to join me in doing this. ;)



(1 PM CDT) Color along day on my April 21 stream. Jaime Buckley did an outstanding commission!
(9:30 am) Craft and Chat + Street Team Challenge #4 raffle winner announcement


Articles and Stories Released



The WritersCONduit crew is hard at work planning for the June event. I'm excited to see this grass roots writers' conference! (I'm the calendar wrangler and starting to wrangle plane time slots. Not what goes in the time slots yet - but with trying to cover optimal global times, it's a challenge. I have the first test setup.)


Upcoming Plans

  • Planning details of the Book Release parties on Twitch and Facebook. More info soon!

  • Until next time, Be The Difference!

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