STATE OF THE FOX - April 19-25

Rise News

T-5 days until Rise releases!   Monday starts 'Umeji Week'. So, for fun I picked a yakuza themed Kindle comic for tomorrow's stream giveaway--Way of the Househusband. I love this comic about another yakuza going straight and becoming a househusband. Totally zany! As a bonus secret - this comic and my MC share their personal name. (Purely coincidental! I discovered the comic after I named Umeji.) But it was this comic that made me realize the pun in their common nickname. To get in on the raffle, attend the stream 4/26 1-2PM CDT.   I'm firming up the plans for the release party. YEEEEEE!  


Upcoming Streams

Twitch (1 PM CDT) ToT Write In + Raffle for Way of the Househusband Kindle comic
Twitch (1 PM CDT) ToT Write In (+ maybe finish the color along I didn't get to finish Saturday)
WA's Twitch (1 PM CDT) Janet will read aloud Ch1 of Rise
- WA's Twitch (1 PM CDT) WA will raffle a signed copy of Rise
- RELEASE PARTY! !cake, raffles, AMA, games (that you can play along at home via WA), book signings, Japan tour pictures, and more!
- Twitch (2-5 PM CDT) Rise Release Party Part 1
- Facebook (6-8 PM CDT) Rise Release Party Part 2
Twitch (9:30 am) Craft and Chat + Street Team Challenge #5 raffle winner announcement


Articles Completed



COVID shot #2 ended up keeping me down for the weekend. But I rested and listened to the rest of Part Time Gods: DFZ book 2 by Rachel Aaron. I was a little skeptical since it was the middle book. But it was at least as good as book 1, if not better. It ended on such a cliffhanger, I've started plowing through book 3 too.   After this series - I'll be giving a listen to Shard and Shield by . (I read the book a while back. But I'm such a sucker for audiobooks and can't wait to listen before I read the others in the series!)


Upcoming Plans

I can't really see much beyond Friday right now. But I'm hoping to take some downtime. We have family coming for Mother's Day (everyone eligible will have had both shots by then) and I need to convert from 'just coping/pandemic' house to 'OMG my parents are coming' house.   I am writing here and there on Guardian. But will probably wait a few weeks before hitting writing hard again.   There is behind the scenes SECRET stuff for the ASC. But we'll reveal that soon. ;)

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