STATE OF THE FOX - February 1-7, 2021

Rise News

The big news this week is that Rise has a firm release date of April 30, 2021 and that the Call for ARC Readers! is open! The mixture of excitement and anxiety is crazy. But I have a list of things to do before release and a budget!  I cried when I showed my husband my budget and he agreed that pulling from savings was ok to help cover what I didn't have saved. (I do the finances, but also do my best to keep him in the loop.) My hubs is the best!   Shy Red Fox Publishing will be my 'imprint' for my books. So that is ready to go for when I buy ISBNs. (I'm still setting up the site as of 2/7.)   The manuscript is in the hands of my sensitivity readers. One is a friend who is a former editor and has lived in Korea and studied Japanese. The other is a dear friend in Tokyo. The latter has given me a few comments already and I'm giddy about the prospect of adding in the details to make it even more authentic.   My first newsletter went out. Mailings won't be frequent, as I hate spam. But enough to keep people apprised of the book's progress toward launch.   The header on this site, Liminal Chronicles, and Hacks and Help got an overhaul for ease of reading and navigation.  


On Twitch my viewers and I celebrated 7 months of streaming with a giveaway. ⚝Aydan Nightshade⚝ was the winner and chose art from my shop. :D  


The rough side of things is I'm not sleeping well again. My mom dealt with this at the same age. Epsom salt baths before bed seem to help and knock me out for a good portion of the night.   
Our ferrets really miss going outside now that the temperatures dipped into the 'freeze your butt off cold' zone. But we let them play at night outside of the playpen where they can run and hide and do their crazy little war dances. They also like to climb the slide hubs made, but going down it is kind of scary. More so than the park slides.   As a sanctuary after the insanity of digging into and learning everything I have to know about self-publishing, I've been listening to Minimum Wage Magic by Rachel Aaron. I love the spunky main character and the surprise after surprise as we find out more about her and her new cohort. I won't give away spoilers. But if you like futuristic urban fantasy with a strong female MC and layers of story - check it out. I finished it last night and it was fab! Great ending to a very fun book! Looking forward to the next one in the series!    

Upcoming Plans

Preping the book blurbs and pitch
Planning promos!
Maybe a peek at the crazy present I bought for my wonderful geek-engineer-ninja-fanatic husband...
  Panda Express gave me the best fortune in my fortune cookie!


2021 Updates


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8 Feb, 2021 04:57

I am so excited for you!!!

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
8 Feb, 2021 15:43

Eeee, so exciting!! I really hope that your sleep gets better soon. Love the picture of the ferrets. :)

Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
8 Feb, 2021 16:54

There are so many exciting things afoot for you! I am so sorry that your sleep is is bad. Epsom salt baths sound lovely though. Also, your ferrets are so cute!

Cait x
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