STATE OF THE FOX - February 15-21, 2021

Rise News

It's been another whirlwind week! If I write all this down then it can be detangled from the blur afterward to share with friends who follow in my footsteps, just as others have helped me.    If you want to get in on the ARC read, sign up soon! I hope to send it out in early March. The ARC will be in ebook format unless there's a need for print and arranged with me beforehand.
Call for ARC Readers! {Closed}
Generic article | Apr 16, 2021

Sign up to be an ARC Reader for Rise: The Liminal Chronicles Book 1!

    Created the paperback cover. I could seriously play with covers for days. They're a blast to work on. And Odette did an amazing job on the art last year. There were days I wondered if the art would actually get used. But here we are! So, I was able to order a test for the ARC (advance reader copy). 

6x9_BW_310 - 1000 sample.jpg

by Odette.A.Bach (art), AWV (cover design)

  Ready for the freaky wild news? The ebook is available for pre-order. (EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!) I hope to have the print available for pre-order too. 


Release Celebration Prep

I have a list of fun items to order and create focusing on the book, Umeji, and Nakamura--included are books (mine and similar) that I have enjoyed, cute fox things, bookmarks, lucky coin charms, etc. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see. Would you all like a live Q&A?



I only streamed Monday and it felt strange. I missed chatting with everyone! Regarding the live reading - I goofed I signed up for the March slot. My excuse? Launch brain. Term coined right here, folks.    On the amazing side, Twitch sent the first payout. OMG! Thank you, thank you, everyone, who subbed or gave subs, and shared bits. Your generosity allowed me to expand what I'll be able to do for my release giveaways. You guys rock!



I can't seem to get enough of Nano's music lately. I may have had the privilege of chatting with her on IRC years ago. (I *think* it was her...) It's so cool to see how she's grown as a musician over the years.    'Part Time Gods' book 2 of the DFZ series by Rachel Aaron is keeping me from burning myself out. Though I work on a few items for the giveaway while I listen.


How are you all coming with your projects? Don't give up on them when things get rough, ok? The rough patch will only be a delay. You can get there!

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