STATE OF THE FOX - February 8-14, 2021

It's stupid cold here this weekend and will be until Tuesday. The high today is -10 F (-23 C). I keep poking my head outside, hoping there will be some good sun dogs. Alas, there has not been today. If I can catch them, I'll share the pictures. We usually get them a few times in December or January, but it was too warm then.


Rise News

How did I not know until this week there were blog book tour organizers? I found a reputable one (Bewitching Book Tours) that specializes in helping promote indie books like mine. The tour will be the week of and the week after launch. More info to come.   So, this also means I  had the fun job this weekend of figuring out what to do for giveaways for the blog tour and beyond. Hubs said he would print 3D minis for me. I have files for all the major characters. My hope is to have gifts that relate to each of the characters. Nakamura is easy. There is fox stuff everywhere - cute pins, keychains, prints, etc. But when I look up yakuza - that's harder! Thankfully, there's 'Way of the Househusband'. And I found some fun tenugui (all-purpose towels) with kendo and judo pictures. There's your sneak peek at the giveaway items - the bookmarks...  

rise bookmark sides together

by Cover and character art by Odette.A.Bach. Bookmark design by AWV

  Ebook and print format testing is coming along well. I'd love to control everything for the formatting and use Affinity Publisher. But not this round.   And finally, the sensitivity reader input is partially in, and hopefully will get the rest tomorrow. Next up proofing!



I didn't get to stream Wednesday or Friday. Anxiety got the best of me and I was too keyed up to stream. But the issues that caused it are resolved, now. For my sanity, I'll just stream Mondays and Saturdays until March. Then hopefully I can resume my normal streaming schedule. There is just so much to learn right now for pre-launch that something had to give. I look forward to Monday's stream, we'll try out writing with an editing help/review option.


Liminal Chronicles Site

To keep my creative juices flowing, I started doing the #VSS365 challenge. (VSS = Very Short Story that fits in a tweet) I'll keep posting to the article below.   I'm also starting a 'pronunciation podcast' so I can have audio of names, places, and some of the vocabulary. My hope is to help avoid people thinking of Date Sari as 'Date as in the calendar number'. Because the actual pronunciation is closer to 'Dah teh'. The characters by book page has the test run in the page sidebar. I'd like it under each character listing, but that listing is auto-generated right now. Gotta go with the KISS principle for sanity's sake!     Here is what it will look like on the character pages.
How do you say my name?

Liminal Chronicles is converted over to the new global header option. (Thank you Dimi! ). I'll do the other worlds as I have time since I like my header to be 'sticky' (stationary after a certain point of scrolling) for computer and tablet viewing, but scrolling away on phone view for spacing reasons. Let me know if that would be of interest to you all. If I can get a bit of downtime, I'll write it up.



My family and I finished the audiobook of 'Nightwatch' by Terry Pratchett and started 'Pirate of the Prophecy' by Jack Campbell. The narrator on this one is a gal. It was an odd switch for me. But it makes sense since the MC is a just-coming-into-adulthood woman. We really enjoyed the 'Pillars of Reality' series by the same author. (And before you ask--yes it's the same Jack Campbell that wrote the 'Lost Fleet' books.)


Upcoming Plans

Amazon listing and pre-order setup (partially done already)
Promo plans (what beyond the blog tour? giveaway plan wrap up)

  What are you all working on? How are you coming on your projects? Anything I can encourage you in?  

2021 Updates


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14 Feb, 2021 22:30

I am so excited for you! <3 RISE HYPE!

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14 Feb, 2021 22:47

Thank you!!!! 75 more days! (And so much to prep!)

17 Feb, 2021 12:47

Your book cover looks SO GOOD! <3

17 Feb, 2021 20:36

Thank you! The cover artist is so talented! I hope she can also do future books!

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