State of the Fox - January 18-24, 2021

This week I planned to

  • 1/20 Streaming - gather links for stream with LVAB and Sable.
  • 1/18 Author Fill out ALLI membership profile and add badge to sites and stream layout
  • 1/19 HH Author Tools: Manuscript and Story Progress (Do write up. Block is done)
  • LC Hero Journey Challenge - Muramasa Article (swapped characters for stronger arc - still debating on how to present it with a manuscript story)
  • 1/18 LC Book 1 characters page, add profile page covers to all chars
  • LC Clean up the 'secrets' and consider converting them to subscriber self assigning groups (I can come back to this later if I find it important or have time.)
  • LC Evaluate what else needs to be done for LC
  • 1/19 My major worlds - updated the header to interlink them, add twitch to the list too. Also added on hover 'tooltip' pop ups that say what the icons are.
  • Promo Post next story to Podcast

  • 1/24 Setup a work schedule again. I've been slack on when to work and quit. May be part of my sleep issue.
  • Organize my craft area (no energy due to lack of sleep)
  • 1/22 Plan tutorial stream for Friday (Needle Felting)
  • Exercize 2-3 times per week (Missed a warm day to walk. Grr.)

  • Articles Completed

    Evaluation & Notes

  • Sarah Buhrman got the list of edits back to me and there aren't any huge changes to make. So (fingers crossed) I can get it edited quickly and pick a release date! Thank you, Sarah, for your expertise and encouragement!
  • Laura VanArendonk Baugh's stream with Diane Morrison on WA for Authors was a blast! Thanks, Laura for having us!
  • The new checkboxes are so much easier than using sections with Font Awesom classes! And the pinned items update to the notification simplifies my getting through big number of the notifications!
  • and Got my 2 t-shirts with the re-worked design! While they look much better with no bleed. I purchased one black, one navy of the same exact brand and they printed differently. The color is not consistent. One is the right color and one is dark orange. I can't even chalk it up to color of shirt, because the first navy shirt I ordered and the new black one have the same dark orange. I am going to have to contact the Streamlabs store or find a different printer.
  • ShyRedFox Logo color bleed (old)
    ShyRedFox Logo difference in color - same file (Jan 2020)
  • Reached the 200 followers mark on Friday, so we celebrated on Saturday with the color in. I decided to leave the print with a free/pay what you want option just for fun.
  • Created and laminated a work schedule with breathing space for each day
  • Volunteered to help wrangle the presentation schedule for WritersCONduit
  • Have been super short on sleep again.
  • Still picking too many tasks for the week. (Priorities? Or list of musts and possibles?)

  • Next Week

  • Manuscript edits done this week
  • Pick release date (not to publicize yet, just ahve a goal)
  • Release learning
  • Publicity learning

  • 2021 Updates


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