State of the Fox - January 4-10, 2021

This week I plan to

  • [ IP ] ** Get eyes re-checked - gotta get rid of these headaches ** (Update - the office glasses seem to be helping some. Think it's possibly still needed. But also could be my back. Doing more stretches.)

  • [ IP ] Clean up LC - to be ready for Book 1 readers (may take multiple weeks)
  • [ ✓ ] Finish manuscripts list for each article. (There is a bug in the manuscript cover code inside statblocks. Will see if we can get that updated or make a workaround.)
  • [ IP ] Read up on marketing and publishing. (Found a 'list' and overwhelm hit. Will try a different source.)
  • [  ] Start marketing and publishing plan. (Found a marketing and publishing checklist - can start there)
  • [ ✓ ] Transfer business financial tracking to a spreadsheet (per book)
  • [  ] LEARN - Watch/read/listen to one new author/marketing/publication thing a week
  • [ ✓ ] (Added mid week) Business financials - expenses tracking, per book tracking, organize receipts, forward receipts to evernote
  • [ IP ] (Added mid week) Judge for WE materials category (I have read through them. Gonna be tough to choose!)

  • [ IP ] Organize my craft area
  • [ ✓ ] Plan tutorial stream for Friday (likely using the tools from previous streams, make a theme for 'Squirrel Wars')
  • [ X ] Exercize 2-3 times per week (I exercized once.)
  • [ ✓ ] Focusing on Japanese grammar catch up. Worked on it each day.

  • Evaluation

  • - Stressful week. Making myself take more breaks.
  • + The manuscripts conversion and audio setup and how to post them took me several days. But I like the outcome. (See "Appears In" block at bottom right of Umeji Tatsuya). Worth the extra time. I now am setup with a podcast too! ( and spotify)
  • + Started the razor vine species. Need to finish the artwork for it.
  • - Picked too many things for this week.
  • + Started judging for the WE Materials category too. (HARD CHOICES!)
  • + Prep for CSS Theme Demo ready - picked starting colors, fonts, images, keywords, etc. Also have stream notes/tutorial page.
  • - Did not work on ANY marketing and publishing stuff. (Procrastination much?)
  • - I am overwhelmed by the number of WA notifications I get. I WANT to get a look at each one. But this is impossible. And I don't want to unsubscribe from anyone. Need a quicker way to sort through them. :(
  • + Caught up in business finances, submitted state tax report, tracking per book expenses, orangized digital receipts
  • + Taking Saturday and Sunday to do 'fun' and on a whim projects

  • Manuscripts block notes:

  • I setup a block to have ALL my manuscripts (as fake manuscript book covers, since manuscript covers don't work in statblocks right now.) Then enclosed each manuscript cover in a class. So I can display only the ones I wanted by typing the class names in the article CSS class lists. Complicated but worth it! See the block on the bottom right of Umeji Tatsuya.
  • Created a block to be a manuscript/story summary. See Rise - Companion Stories for the story blocks. You can make a copy of it here. I plan to make a listing of the blocks/tools I use and create for authors on Hacks and Help.

  • Art!

    Finished Razor Vine species art. The water color pens are much faster than digital coloring.


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