STATE OF THE FOX - March 1-7, 2021

Rise News

The Rise press/media kit is available and I *hope* to get the paperback up for preorder this week.
True Confession...
(Cross your fingers for me - because there could be a complication due to a tiny dumb mistake I made with Amazon.)


I got back into the groove this week with my regular schedule. Wednesdays will be experimentation days. So this week, I tried a cozy little Discord-only chat. It went well, and the video and audio were clearer for the attendees. We'll do that again! If I can get the nerve up, I'll try doing YouTube on a Wednesday next.   Oh! I almost forgot. Laura VanArendonk Baugh and I were on the Twitch Writer's Network Open Mic this last Saturday. Catch the stories we read here.

Articles Completed



This may sound odd, but I've wanted to play with book formatting to see if I could do it for the next round. Mostly fun so far, but there are a few learning pains I have yet to figure out. (A few stray marks, etc.) Wouldn't this be lovely as a book?
  The LC Discord server is now boosted and we have some fun new emoji.
Peek!   And it was amazingly warm today - so a ferrie and people outing it was! Pocky was happy to climb all over the playground equipment. But the slide was a nope.


Upcoming Plans

Paperback Pre Order
  How are you all doing with your projects? Are you pushing forward on them? Even if you don't feel like you are getting everything you should done - any movement forward is progress!

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