STATE OF THE FOX - March 15-21, 2021

Rise News

T-40 days to Rise's launch!   Soon the paperback pre-order will appear alongside the ebook. Hopefully around the end of this coming week. *fingers crossed*   I received the tour dates and stops for Rise's blog book tour. Yippee!  
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After dealing with an underpowered laptop for three and a half years, I finally have a desktop again! One that'll rock for streaming! So we'll take it for its paces Monday! (I'm over the moon not to have everything in Dropbox be 'online only' anymore and have to wait for files to download!)   This week I'll be editing the Duel of a Lifetime story or working on book release tasks. But Friday, I plan to continue working on the Squirrel Wars Theme Design live. (Also Friday, because of the change to Daylight Savings Time in the US and Europe not being on DST yet, my stream will be at 1 PM CDT, to avoid conflicting with World Anvil's stream.)


Articles Completed

The only article I did was a silly one, thanks to Susanne Lamprecht sharing her random answer block. Now you can ask those burning questions and get answers!  


Last week, we went to one of our favorite walking trail areas to take pictures for a family birthday. The ferries loved sniffing and exploring. I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was getting chilly! We had to be very careful the little guys didn't slip out of their harnesses because we wouldn't have found them again in the tall grass!


Upcoming Plans

  • I *hope* to write up the interview and posts for the Book Tour and a few other blogs this week.
  • Rework the Liminal Chronicles and author blog front pages to match the advice given at the Sage seminar on Saturday.


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