STATE OF THE FOX - March 22-28, 2021

Rise News

T-33 days to Rise's launch! Liminal Chronicles and my author page now have the spiffy calendar that you see on the sidebar, with links to any events or pages if you click on the event.   Blog posts and interviews for the Bewitching Book Tours stops are complete. It took effort to come up with twists on the questions and story requests. But I think I did you all proud. I can't wait to share them with you when they go live.   My notes were all over in Evernote, Google sheets, Asana, and my calendar. So I took the time to condense them. I have to-dos in Asana and any events on the calendar. Tasks for each day get put in my paper planner. (There's something about a paper planner and that tactile sense of writing it down that helps me deal with extensive lists of tasks. I have yet to figure out exactly why. *shrug*)  

Street Team News

I've kept the team location on my Discord and just leave the channel for it public. So many people are busy and dealing with big things in their lives. This will allow people to jump in as they can and not have any guilt over challenges they can't complete.  
Challenge #1 Preview
read the ARC (if you haven't). More details tomorrow (March 29, 2020). I'll hold weekly drawings during my Saturday stream for those who completed the task.


Last week streaming was a breeze on the new computer. So now we can make plans to try cool things, like live art or Discord chat on the stream.   We'll have "normal" streams this week until Saturday for the first of the giveaway streams. April is go, go, go release month and we'll have fun with it!



As a reward for finishing the blog tour posts, I started watching the Korean drama "Mad Dog". It's been on my to watch list for a very long time. Episode 1 put the show off to a splendid start! (Watching makes me wish I knew a bit of Korean too. I miss being able to pick up bits. Having to rely totally on subtitles is hard!)


Upcoming Plans

Rework the world front pages for Liminal Chronicles and my author site. (There are too many things to do and to pull the viewer's attention. They need to be simplified.)
Play again with ads for A/B comparisons.

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