STATE OF THE FOX - March 29 - April 04, 2021

Rise News

Final versions have been uploaded to Amazon and Ingram and submitted for copyright! Woot! It feels so strange, but wonderful! From here on out, all the rest of the work is icing on the cake.   Street Team challenge #2 will be:
  • Option 1: Honest review on Goodreads and your personal reviewing platform (if you have one).
  • Option 2: Contact other bloggers about my book
  • Prize Drawing: Hojicha tea
  • Winner to be announced on Saturday 4/10 Craft and Chat Twitch stream and in the Street Team channel on Discord.



    Monday, April 5
    We'll have the first of related genre or topic books I enjoyed reading. Laura VanArendonk Baugh kindly donated a copy of her book Kitsune Tsuki.
    Wednesday, April 7
    Most likely will be editing the Duel of a Lifetime story
    Friday, April 9
    WA will be hosting a giveaway (stay tuned for details). After the WA stream I'll work on CSS for Squirrel Wars
    Saturday, April 10
    Craft and Chat - We'll have week #2 of the Street Team Challenge drawings. (I set a reminder on my phone to remember to do the announcement on stream. I swear 'release brain' is a real thing!)



    I received Covid vaccine shot #1. My arm hurt but was usable for 2 days and I was super tired and my tummy was a bit yucky 2 days after the shot. Not bad overall. Glad to have the first part done. I hope everyone who wants the vaccine can get it soon!   The weather has been amazingly warm here. Usually Easter weekend is chilly. So we finally got to have our Christmas gift exchange with some dear friends because we could do it outside. I can't remember who suggested 'Easter-mas', but it fits so well I think it will stick. ;)   We tried an Easter Egg hunt for the ferrets outside. Complete fail. Only pocky was interested in an egg with the new treats. 'The Hunt' was not happening. So we put treats in the snuffle mat for them and did the same thing for the cat, as we figure he would have done the same thing inside with the eggs. We will know for next year that simple is best!


    Upcoming Plans

  • Final promo blog posts!
  • Draft2Digital


    Last Thoughts

    I followed Sarah Buhrman's example and created a #promo-requests channel on the Liminal Chronicles server where people can share about their upcoming events. (Big things like book releases, Kickstarters, etc.) There is no guarantee posts will promoted beyond the server, but it gives us all a way to share and celebrate each other's big events.

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