Textiles: Indigo Dye And Shibori


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The video is also available on Twitch.  


  • Handbook of Indigo Dyeing by Vivian Prideaux
  • Indigo - the Color that Changed the World (gorgeous pictures of cultural textiles!)
  • Shibori – The Inventive Art of Japanese Shape Resist Dyeing by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Mary Kellog Rice and Jane Barton
  • Indigo: Egyptian Mummies to Blue Jeans by Jenny Balfor Paul (detailed history and focus on regional textiles)
  • Natural Color by Sasha Duerr (Fun projects, not as much detail on the dyes)
  • Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori DVD (fabulous look at traditional Japanese Shibori techniques)
  • A quick intro to Shibori by Shibori.org
  • Another quick intro by Honestly WTF

  • Where to Buy Indigo (jn the US)

    I buy my indigo from Dharma Trading. On the indigo product pages, they have a list of all the ingredients you'll need under the instructions tabs.
  • Pre-reduced crystals (what I usually buy - but it was out when I ordered)
  • Organic Indigo (what I'm using in the demo today)

  • Gallery of Vat Prep and Results

    Chemicals I used for Indigo Dye Vat

    Dissolved the Indigo in hot water then added it to the vat

    Added color remover to the vat

    Added soda ash and heated it to reduce the Indigo

    Dye day results (part 1)

    Dye day results (part 2)


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