Textiles: Needle Felting

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What are felting and fulling

  • felting - force the fiber's scales to interlock permanently
  • fulling - same thing - but on a piece of fabric - say a knitted pair of mittens

  • History of needle felting

  • Was done by machine in the 1800s for quilt bats and insulation and things like gaskets
  • 1980s - Elanor and David Stanwood - brough back needles from a mill and made felt in small quantities
  • Ayala Tapai and Birgitte Krag - experimented with them for art - sculpture
  • It spread around the world

  • Supplies

  • Needles: 3 sided barbed. Single or groups at a time
  • A case/box /tube to hold your needles
  • wool (the fibers need to have scales on them to interlock)
  • needle felting pad, felting brush or foam
  • Optional needle felting machine (for flat applique like options)

  • Where to get your supplies

  • Yarn shops or craft stores
  • look for felting needles or felting needles kit

  • Safety

  • Keep your fingers out of the way! (This sounds obvious but it's harder than it sounds.) Keep your fingernails between your fingers and the needles!
  • Have an up to date tetanus shot
  • Only stab at the wool of you are looking at it! (if you have to look away - stop doing the poking of the wool!)

  • References

  • Needle Felting 101: History, Wool, Tools
  • The history of Needle felting

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