Textiles: Spinning - Plying and Finishing Your Yarn


  You spin two (or more) pieces of yarn in the opposite direction so they wrap around each other. 
  • Creates a more balanced yarn so your knitting doesn't lean to one side
  • Makes the yarn stronger than a single-ply
  • Can provide interest to the yarn

  •   Check for balanced yarn
  • let some of the yarn hang
  • does it twist up - then you either added too much or too little twist
  • if not - your yarn is balanced

  •   Navajo/Chain Plying
  • create a chain of loops
  • 3 ply yarn
  • Finishing Your Yarn

  • Wind it into a skein (not the center pull skeins from the store)
  • Put some ties in so it doesn't get tangled (loose yarn is EVIL)
  • Wash carefully much like you would the raw wool
  • To get it more fluffy you can thwack it against a hard object. (Makes the yarn bloom)
  • Dry it the same way or hang it with a weight if it's still twisty.

  •   Link to more detailed directions.  

    More info?

    I made a playlist so you can watch everything up close and rewind the videos if you need.


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