Update - July 12, 2020

I planned to:
[ - ] Write up the WA blog versions of my tutorials this month
[ x ] Summer camp articles!
[ x ] Get the base architecture for the network setup in its own world and finish the new calendar setup (direction on how to get on the calendar and how to
[ x ] Do the streams for Stylus (Tue)
[ x ] Do the first in the Textile stream series on Nalbinding (Thu)   Last week I worked on:
  • Catching up on daily camp articles.
  • Streamed several times. Did a Stylus and a Nalbinding tutorial. Realized I can't do two of these a week. So we'll have 'Tutorial Tuesday' and a catchup time on Thursday mornings.
  • We opened up membership to the Anvilite Streamers Corps. Have the calendar and membership systems mostly under control. A wonderful set of people volunteered to help in different areas.
  • Started the ASC member profile statblock template. Nothing like learning on the fly to keep you on your toes.
  • Setup for Twitch affiliate. (Thank you all who helped me get there!
  • This coming week:
  • Write up the WA blog versions of my tutorials this month (maybe do video versions)
  • Upload the best of the streams to Youtube
  • Keep up with Summer Camp articles
  • Stream at least twice
  • -

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