Update - June 20, 2020

Last week I worked on:
  • Finished first draft of CSS for Bane of the Shadow
  • did the Summer Camp homework prep assignments: Keynotes for: Bane of the Shadow and Bane of the Shadow - Inspiration
  • Cleaned up articles and categories on Liminal Chronicles to be ready for Camp. Tags and excerpts added for every published item.
  • Setup Camp Event pages to track my work on prompts for both worlds. (Statblock allows for 1 edit and show the list in both worlds.)
  • Wrote up article for author interface tweak from a group effort in the Inner Sanctum group. Will likely be unneeded because Dimi is looking into it. Still was nice to write up.
  • Simplified Liminal Chronicles home page.
  • Wrote Hacks and Help article Letting Readers Know What's Updated in Your World and in Articles -- Updated.
  • Updated all portraits for characters that didn't have commissioned artwork. (Artbreeder is addicting.)
  • Worked on a map for one of the other towns.
  • This coming week:
  • Help Q plan SC party (IP)
  • Finish map (I may change styles to match Nonogawa's map. Though Inkarnate is fun.)
  • Write another tutorial
  • --


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