Update - June 26, 2020

Last week I worked on:
  • Re-plotting Guardian (LC book 2) - plot + main characters completed.
  • Created Save the Cat method plotting spreadsheet to share in Story Plotting Spreadsheet
  • Helped Q plan the Summer Camp party
  • Restarted my Shimosaki town map. (To match the style that Nonogawa uses)
  • Created a tutorial - Using Github as a Repository for your CSS Code and Statblocks
  • Got liminalchronicles.com and amywintersvoss.com to map properly to my worlds. (Thanks to CaptainFry for the help!!!)
  • made a couple silly random generators for Summer Camp for mine and Q's discords
  • Started CP on Part 2 of my CP partner's book
  • Watched 'Demystifying Mythology' Part 1 and Part 2 on researching mythology.
  • Finished Shimosaki map. (Just need to fill in items on the map as the story calls for it.)
  • I Am Published In
  • The Sun Always Shines Anthology - My story is Misunderstandings. The anthology is free and was created to give some cheer to those who need it, espeically during COVID-19. Go get it and enjoy!
  • This coming week:
  • Plotting out Bane of the Shadow
  • Write up the WA blog versions of my tutorials this month
  • Start on Summer camp articles! 
  • Author Goals + Notes


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