Update April 25,2020

  • Edited Ch 13-17. Mapping out the fight in ch13 was tough but really helped me describe where things were happening. Working on giving Umeji more agency and show his choices.
  • moved amywintersvoss.com to my View From the Den world. Reworked the front page. (More work yet to do, but it's presentable) Am much happier with this, and relieved to not have to renew and update another site. Kept the blog, just in case I want it. But don't have to pay.
  • Purchased liminalchronicles.com and pointed it to my world there too.
  • We will not get ducks, unless the neighbors move. Such is life.
  • Purchased boxes for raised bed garden.
  • Secret project complete.
  • Updated 2020 Progress + Goals
  • Entered the Forbidden Knowledge challenge with League of Guardians

  •   THIS WEEK:
  • more editing! (I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.)
  • finish overhaul of View from the Den
  • work on overhauling the front page of Liminal Chronicles

  • submit to Kyanite? (I know, I know. I flip-flop. Originally I wanted my book published before 2021 because I was going back to Japan. Now with the Olympics that year, I won't go then. So I'm not as antsy.)
  • When I'm done editing (probably the week after next), I hope to update the Aurora theme and resubmit to WA.

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