Update April 5, 2020

This week I:
  • Edited Rise through Chapter 5 and knocked out about a 10th of the items on my Beta suggestions
  • Had my story Arrival posted on Kyanite's Healing Words column
  • Added a few small tweaks to my website and created a proper author page (instead of linking to my WA author page)
  • made masks for my family (and have it down to a good process, so I can make some to donate)
  • started writing a fanfic because I needed something unrelated and just stupid happy brain candy
  • picked up seeds and stuff to start a garden
  • didn't panic as I sent off my hubs and son to retrieve son's stuff from college (this was difficult, but they are back and home safe)

  •   Next week's docket:
  • continue editing Rise! (and catch up in my goal for camp NaNoWriMo)
  • help hubs adjust to life at home with us now that he is laid off (aka gently helping him not manage us and keep spirits up)
  • do something to exercise (should be a good week for walks) + do something for my sanity each day
  • if time, start my garden seeds

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