Update June 14, 2020

Last week I worked on:
  • Nominated peeps for WA Best Of
  • Attended the Twitch of WA's interview of Jenna Moreci - took lots of notes!
  • Heard back from Kyanite. Rise was not what they were looking for in this round. So I plan to self-publish the book. This will require an editor, and posting ads, etc. Which requires income. So I will be taking a break and planning for the next round of submissions in September. I can have a few more people read through Rise after the major beta edit changes too. I can also build my social media platform for it - by figuring out what I can 'give' people in my social media.
  • Played with whatever caught my fancy - knitted and tinkered on the Bane of the Shadow theme.
  • Welcomed Mochi into our household. Pocky loves her very much. I was surprised how well they got along right away.

  •   This coming week:
  • Continue Camp Prep for Bane of the Shadow (theme and setup) and Liminal Chronicles (rework homepage organization, clean up to do list)
  • Look into how to use a website’s API, since Dimi was kind enough to give me a key. I’d like to work on something to help authors. There’ll be plenty of RPG stuff. But authors can use tools too!

  •   On Pause:
  • Rise (mostly on pause, except for building social media platform)

  •   Until next time!


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