Update June 6, 2020

Last week I worked on:
  • Last tweaks to manuscript + clean up of dictionary and character list
  • Got the verification that Kyanite received my submission for Rise. So now I wait up to 30 days from the end of the submission window which was 5/31/2020 to see if they request my manuscript.
  • Submitted my worlds and several articles for consideration for WA Best Of voting.
  • Making a workable schedule for Pocky, our ferret. Leash training him is coming along well since it’s a game now. (super short video).
  • This coming week:
  • Vote for WA Best Of
  • I’ll tinker with Liminal Chronicles homepage and organization (yes it’s not great timing for the Best of WA voting - but it’s long overdue!)
  • Look into how to use a website’s API, since Dimi was kind enough to give me a key. I’d like to work on something to help authors. There’ll be plenty of RPG stuff. But authors can use tools too!
  • Play with whatever catches my fancy - because I didn’t get to do that last week. (Knitting, gardening, short stories - who knows!)

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