Update May 10, 2020

  • Continuing the Neil Gaiman Masterclass
  • Chapter 19 done. 20 partially done
  • Made stickynote plan of the plot changes for the rest of the book so can do remaining chapters.
  • Started Organization and History challenge article
  • Helped encourage my son to finish finals to complete first year of college
  • Fought through !%!$%$*$ depression. Rarely get this and is hard to see when I hit that place what it is. I realize and where I was. Glad seem to be on the other side of it. Can call our family counselor if it returns.
  • More editing! (I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.) Gotta get it done because...
  • New ferret addition to our household coming this week! (My prediction is that the furry carpet noodle will greatly help our emotional wellbeing. Especially mine, since I am allergic to our meowing fuzzball and don’t get to play with him much.) Tentative name for baby ferret: Donut (Our cat’s name is Tuna, so it goes with the food theme)
  • Submit to Kyanite. (I have until 5/31. )
  • Finish overhaul of View from the Den
  • Work on overhauling the front page of Liminal  Chronicles
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