Update May 16, 2020

  • Chapter 20 (was a partial) and 21 done.
  • Splitting Ch 22 to be part of 21 and then 22 on it's own so I can have a limited number of chapters to do major changes to.
  • Ch 4 listen for sentence variety
  • New ferret addition to our household has arrived. Pocky is a precious and time consuming little guy. So editing is slower.
  •   THIS WEEK:
  • Major edits!
  • Look for a friend for Pocky. He cries for attention at night and I can't crawl in the cage with him.
  • Submit to Kyanite. (I have until 5/31. )
  • Finish overhaul of View from the Den
  • Work on overhauling the front page of Liminal Chronicles
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