Update May 31, 2020

The last 2 weeks I:
  • completed beta edits
  • created nice formatted version of the sample to submit
  • finished the DREADED synopsis (>500 words to fully describe a 96K word book - uffdah) for the lovely cover letter
  • submitted to Kyanite on the LAST DAY of open submissions. TRUE CONFESSIONS: The moment of absolute terror while your mouse hovers over the send button for a submission is REAL.
  • This coming week:
  • go through Rise one more time, in case I am asked for a full manuscript. (Did I ever mention I'm a tad obsessive?)
  • REST, play on WA and do some crafts
  • But now I will celebrate!


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    31 May, 2020 20:48

    You did more in the last two weeks than me in the last... er... Anywho good work.

    3 Jun, 2020 02:37

    Thank you! I'd bet you do more than you're giving yourself credit for. ;)

    31 May, 2020 21:25


    Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
    3 Jun, 2020 02:38


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