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Finding satisfaction in doing your best

Jumbled Letters - How editing feels
Jumbled Letters – How editing feels until it’s done

I’ve often read about authors fussing about having to do editing. While I’m no saint, I’m finding real pleasure in editing Rise’s rough draft. Seeing the improvement from one version to the next makes me excited to know I’ll be able to show the story to beta readers soon.

All of that to say, I hope my babbling brings you encouragement. Go give it your best! Make what you do worthwhile.

— Amy

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Upcoming Book: Rise

Cover Concept for upcoming book Rise by Amy Winters-Voss
Cover Concept for Rise

An ex-yakuza gangster starting over in a small village, meets the town’s dowager who has it out for him because of his past. When he saves her and keeps her secret, she starts an unlikely friendship that sets a new course for both of them. #modern #fantasy #LiminalChronicles