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Master FuchsFarbe
Oliver Conover

In the world of Gētīg

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The Tale of Enariel

Ongoing 11343 0 0 875

Enariel is is about to usher in a new Era for the Gētīg. This Fomorian farmboy lives on a lowly farm outside of the Fomorian capital of Danu-Mor. Their life quickly changed one fateful day venturing into a nearby cave. The spirits of the cave had become corrupted, instead of guiding nearby miners, it would lead them astray further into the caves to their deaths. Upon this fateful encounter, Enariel had discovered that they were the world's newest Eadranai, the world-spirit, the living incarnation of Eladha. With this newfound and strange power, Enariel set out to discover why the spirits had become corrupt, only to find out that a nearby village had been polluting the river that runs through the cave. The rising tensions between the Humanoids of Gētīg and the spirits of the Haze that lies entangled within their world had become strained, corrupting the once-benevolent spirits into malevolent demons.
  With this newfound discovery of a deeply spiritually troubled world, Enariel sets out to do what the Eadranai was born to do, balance the celestial realms. This undertaking, however, would become more than this Eadranai had bargained for.