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The Coral Sword

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THE CORAL SWORD - Book One of the Three Tattered Tomes
  Elfann, teenage prince of elves, his young dragon Argon, and the gentle chamberlain embark on an adventure that hurls them against the violent forces of shadow assassins and evil hags. Their team is slaughtered. Horrible deaths befall his closest and he vows to learn greater things from the losses. He completes his first heroic quest to find and use the Coral Sword, and returns with a reputation, treasure and a hot princess for his bed.
  Old Lulu ID: 6507173
  The first novel I ever wrote as a homeless guy in a tent on a Welsh mountain top in 1991. The thing, like the one afterwards, was written on A4 writing paper kept in a ring binder. As you can imagine, they were both tattered. The third one never got completed until Ulfsdrottnir in 2014 thereabout. This isn't well written, it's got problems of different types but serves to introduce the old gaming groups characters.