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Master Soulhaven
Deb E. Howell

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The Wolf and the Source

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The world needs her. She needs him. He... just wants to have a good time.
  Through no fault of his own, simply a matter of timing, Ekon has found himself in the possession of the mantle of his wolf pack's Alpha. It's a privileged role that comes with far too much responsibility.
  Also the victim of timing, Ana├»s has woken to find that she is a Sorcerer: the Source of all of life's power. The first for centuries. Why her? Because. Why now? Because. Power from the cosmos now flows through her, and out into the wider world, controlled only by the amulet she must always wear. And if she takes it off? Kaboom.
  And if it's stolen from her? ...
  Luckily, she has a Guardian by her side.