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Exagora, Continent- Al Bidaya

Wheel Within the Wheel

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Excellence Upon Exagora Series
  Exagora (meaning Redemption)- a power laden world. People gravitate towards dominance over the helm of the Dual Wheel: that which encompasses all material. But what they find might break them. For in the struggle for self-fulfillment, one may find themselves spiraling out of control.
  A war rages on the coasts of two nations. Tradition is tested in the lives of three people. A clash of powers divides four races. Purposes are redirected through the Five Spokes.
  Work In Progress Please leave me your feedback on what I could improve on, as this is my first major work. This story is to span 4 books. Whether it be pacing, exposition, need for more details on miscellaneous things, etc.- I want to hear what you have to say.
  Change Log Points of Interest
  Making some changes to the beginning chapters. This has been an interesting process, exploring what would happen in later books and alluding to that. Getting better at writing in general! I haven't put out that much this year (2021), since most of my writing has been focused on exploration. It's looking pretty cool! Thanks all for reading!
  Chapters 6-8 have had changes, specifically replacing Gelland's living arrangements, as originally I overlooked some social issues. I also replaced the face shifting mask- it was cool, but I couldn't make it work. The ysbrydion can no longer use Tethering. Keep reading, and I will uncover the other magic systems. Images have been included, and art has been updated. The map has been updated, as well. Rune is now called Trap. Chapters 18-20 have been uploaded. I was apprehensive of sharing this sport, but it probably won't hurt for people to enjoy and want to play! I also made a version that works irl. The form of currency has changed to "ripls and siels", and not the generic gold coin measurement. The term "Splinter" now has multiple alternate terms based on in-world religious alignment. The term "Spirit" (Chapter 16) is now "Ysbryd". The term "Energies" is now "Spokes" on what is now called the "Dual Wheel". Gelland's experience in Chapter 3 has been changed to include sand. It's coarse, and rough- and it gets everywhere.