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Forgery of the Heart

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Forgery of the Heart is the first book in the Stories of Xyn series.
  Seventeen year old Cayn Armistyce is a headstrong teenager living in Hollow Rock, Ohio, where the sky's the limit. Together with their twin brother, Clayde, and their partner, Violyt, Cayn enjoys all of the best parts about being seventeen in 2013 - indie music, mediocre suburban parks, and science-fiction television shows.
  Worlds away is Indygo Vega, a fierce teenager living in Castynyne, an elite city on Xyn. The year is 2113, and Indygo is attending her Aggrandizement Ceremony where she will be welcomed into Xynite society as an Ivory, a societal class for the pure and the loyal.
  Time and circumstance bring Cayn and Indygo together. Certainly not intertwined by their own choosing, the two must find out how to coexist without raising the suspicion of The Council, an oppressive regime controlling Xyn and its citizens.
  Separated from their families, Cayn and Indygo are determined to avenge their loved ones. In their quest to bring forth justice, Cayn and Indygo will learn what it means to distinguish choice and destiny.
  “The absence of adaptation in a place where change is a constant will kill you. May her ability rise above her predicament.”
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