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In the world of Emynea

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In Their Shadows

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This world was once our own, reshaped and redefined by elemental influence. Many civilizations have risen and fallen over the millennia and now, long after after the Downfall of the Erlithmanil, the Kingdom of Accia seeks to dominate all of Emynea. Tia was raised outside of this kingdom's influence but her tranquil lifestyle is ripped away under the threat of war and on the brink of death, she is ensnared and irrevocably tethered to darkness. She must navigate the pressures and expectations of an unexpected position, forced to conceal what she has become amid the trappings of nobility. Shadowed by a childhood of ostracization, Tia fights to forge real connections as she travels and trains alongside her peers in preparation for their inevitable military service. Amid this journey, a net closes in around Tia set by a mystery manipulator called Mother and the immortality craven King Ambrose. While Tia fears the taint of darkness, this entity isn't the true evil she is led to believe or destined to oppose. If she is to face down the overzealous ambitions of those seeking to use her, if Tia is to persist, it is from within the shadows she and her allies will discover their strength.
  Authors Note: New chapters released on the 10th! These chapters are still rough drafts and may see some improvements and additions.