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"The Spark"

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A spark of stolen fire
     from the hearth of the gods,
     cradled within a fennel stalk,
was ferried down from Olympos,
     nursed by the bellows breaths
     of Prometheus.
Zeus saw it all,
     and was undisturbed.
A mortal clan
     huddled in their cave
     for a night of warmth
around the gifted flame.
Zeus saw it all,
     and was undisturbed . . .
At first.
But while Zeus could see
     across the land,
Prometheus could see
     across the years.
The gift of fire led to cooking,
     to communal meals,
     to great serving halls,
     to palaces around those halls,
     to cities around those palaces,
And soon,
     to mortals
          ruled by powerful kings,
          as much as by the gods.
The gift of fire led to kilns,
     to pottery,
     to over-winter stores of grain,
     to jugs of oil and wine,
     to trade with far-off lands,
And soon,
     to mortal needs
          met by wealthy merchants
          as much as by the gods.
The gift of fire led to smelted ores,
     to metal work,
     to gold jewelry,
     to copper utensils,
     to bronze weaponry,
And soon,
     to mortals
          protected by mighty warriors,
          as much as by the gods.
The gift of fire grew and spread,
     mastered by mortals
         with full bellies and comforts
Despite the Will of Zeus.
In a quick blaze of anger,
     Zeus punished Prometheus.
But the thunder god’s anger toward mortals
     burned slow.
     burned cold.
Their punishment would be
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