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Shall the world end in fire or ice? Our tomes tell us neither, for the world will end when man forgets his duty to it. I see the scared and huddled masses in each village, we are hungry, tired, poor, and unclean. The wide world is ever wider and we dare not let our children leave the house, lest they be snatched up by some woodland demon, their blood drank and their body dashed against stones. This unholy world of magic we now know bites away at the heart of our very being and threatens to be the end of us. Who shall answer the call to action? Who shall act to preserve our world and save it from the woes that plague it? The world has been ripped open by war, pestilence, and decay yet we stand apart and wail on of how we have been forsaken by God! Do we seek absolution? Do we bow our heads and kneel in submission to the divine? No, we kneel in submission to the monsters in the dark meadow and these Magians and Druidesses feeding on the magic that has brought our world to its knees.

We must look to ages past, the men of old failed their trials and damned the world to horrid magic through their vices and greed. The crumbling of their walls let in the hordes of specters, demons, and shape changers we sit 'round campfire in fear of today. The kings, the lords, and ladies sit in their splendor, taking the few crops that can be cultivated and leaving us to rot! The world bleeds with every cut made by their greedy hands and soon she shall be bled dry. These centuries have been a punishment, for the vanity of ages past, how can a cracked and sunken world endure this? And who can forget the terrors, the ghastly wraiths of  Schadr's Hunt passing by wailing and ravaging the land? These vile sky-bound wraiths howling in the night and taking our children to be held in slavery till the end of days. Can we return to our past light, shall we reunite our world?  For warry I say to thee, the age of madness has only begun and all know the Day of Wrath awaits, only a step behind!

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