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Shiobe Rising: Excerpt

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First chapter of Shiobe Rising: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1.

  A fantasy/dark fantasy illustrated series. Full book available in Kindle format.
  Trusting a spy is ludicrous. Shiobe knows this. She has read numerous histories, stories and dragon myths that expound on the dangers of such folly. But when handsome Sikode gives her a tip concerning the killing of two hapless Lower City criminals outside her door, her curiosity takes control and she investigates. Her inquisitive nature, honed by years spent in scholarly pursuits, leads her to the dark and deadly underbelly of Iova and into the clutches of a merchant slave ring. Her dark, stifling life becomes an animated adventure as she battles revengeful silversmiths, conjurers, and deadly twilight creatures. She believes she has finally discovered her personal sunrise, one that will illuminate her path to becoming a legendary swordswoman, but unexpected troubles involving Sikode‚Äôs disappearance, an undercover shadowwalker on the take, and personal betrayals present dangers she cannot elude. As the foreboding fog of despair threatens, she wonders if a hapless freelance fighter and translator with no wielding ability can survive to enjoy her dreamed-for, glorious dawn.
  (Chapter 1 of Book 2 and Chapter 1 of Book 3)