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Nicohle Christopherson

In the world of BeastMaster World

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Transmigrator Turned Beast Tamer Princess

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Young Call-Center worker Nie Ruyi falls into an entirely new world, where her knowledge of monster types (gained by playing various Video Games, reading Fantasy Novels, and her weekly Dungeons and Dragons group) help her to create a whole new form of Cultivation.
  During her rise to power as a Beast Tamer, Nie Ruyi finds herself put into the care of reknowned Pill Master, Lao XiaoJun, by his sister, the Sect Leader that summoned Nie Ruyi. This simple fact drew to her the attention of Cai Bingtian, the Seal Master rival intent on showing up Lao Xiaojun in any way he can.
  Caught in the crossfire between these two hot-and-cold men, will Nie Ruyi live a life of adventure and joy, or one of woe and heartache?
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