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Our Lives as Demon Hunters

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***This world is still a WIP and some of the stories may change along the way. Anything posted in here is for all intents and purposes "complete" plot-wise but may have world filler/story details added later.***
  As the offspring of a demon and human, Monté, has been treated as an outcast his whole life. While protected from violence by his uncle and guild leader Manchu, Monté still knew the disdain of others. Being raised in a guild that's purpose is to hunt and kill demons, Monté has known rejection. When Manchu started allowing Faye to join the ranks of the guild life started to change drastically for everyone.
  Follow the stories of Monté's rise in the Demon Hunters and how he went from outcast to beloved Slayer. See how the people he met along the way helped shape who he is today. See his struggle and pain and how the bonds he made help him overcome his own inner demons.
  These are short stories mostly following Monté of the Demon Hunters, but other important stories will be added later as well. I want to write a book in the future that will start with The Pesky Ghoul Request and use this to fill in the backstories.
  I hope you enjoy following the adventures of Monté and the other Slayers of the guild.