Grandmaster Durhelwyr
Odysseus G. Osborne

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  Part One Old heroes collide in their search for the dread 'Crystal of Sralak' to save a nation from invasion by the forces of evil. It all goes wrong and the heroes have to pick up the shattered chunks.
  Part Two Duvial, Lord of Dragolyon and his friends embark on a desperate mission to retrieve an ancient orb of power, only to find himself pitted against the last of the great mages in a horrific battle and unexpectedly, he pulls a victory from the jaws of defeat. He lives to suffer the misery of massive treasure, an enormous harem and the obedience of all his foes!
  Old Lulu ID: 6606414
  This was, like its predecessor, written while homeless and living in a tent on a cold, wet Welsh mountainside. It was handwritten onto lined paper and stored in a file, and it was really tattered. It got typed up a few years later, taking ages and ages and lots of food money. However much I love them, they are BRB's; that is Badly Ritten Books. I'm laughing as I wrote that, hope it makes you smile too.