Mind's Eye #6: Overlooked & Misunderstood

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I never thought myself greedy for collecting what no one else wanted. Disregarded or underestimated things are what I live to harbor. After a long day of being tugged and pushed brutally, I like to retire to me secluded space and sleep in the bounty of my wealth.

But when morning rises, I have no doubt some curious or frustrated persons will come seeking my wisdom. They will consult with me about lost treasures and forgotten valuables, many of which I hoard jealously. But diligent visits to my stores will often give a reward.

I’m overlooked or misunderstood by those who always surround me. I have no adornments or embellishments of beauty and receive no daily polish. But I’m often in use of those who forget me. Where would they be if I were gone?

What work would they have to do!

I squeak under the weight of my heavy load and wait for someone to come. Many pass by my store of surprises but no one stops to look. Oh well, I think. I needn’t share with those who don’t care to find what they have lost.


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