Are You Ready For A Challenge?

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Years ago, as in over a decade, I wrote a book of short stories. It was called, "My Minds Eye."

It was a compilation of short stories that I would blurt out late at night after writing and drawing comic books for 16+ hours a day. It was a way to vent, to get my crazy ideas out.

My Minds Eye could be about anything.


The point of reading the stories was to discover who was telling the story.

From ants to coffee cups to the stars shining in the night sky, I developed a talent for humanizing the most common objects around us. For years we had friends come over for evening reads and laugh as they tried to figure out the way my brain worked.

Over the years, the book faded into the background.

That is, until my wife decided to encourage the children to expand their own writing skills.

When I saw what my own children came up with, I…was blown away.

I thought I was somewhat clever, but these beautiful brains were %$#@$#!! brilliant!

I am delighted to say, my children have bested me.

Tonight for the first time, they read me their own My Minds Eye stories and I was stumped!


They each took on the countenance of the bards of my world as my daughters challenged their brothers and my son’s attempted to stump their sisters.

They were brilliant. So much so, I asked if I could start posting all of our stories here on

…and YOU get to benefit from their creations, through the positions of the secret order of bards.

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